Marine Transportation

In a push to eliminate the impact of the marine sector on air quality, new MARPOL regulation is pressing the sector into installing new retrofittable exhaust aftertreatment technology and using higher quality fuels. These measures impact both the capital and operational expenses of the sector, making it more sensitive to propulsion systems’ performance characteristics regarding fuel consumption and emission ratings.
  • Industrial Sector
    The ongoing transformation of the electric power market and the need to manage their environmental impact, has revived the interest in self-generation. This is driven mainly by the need to hedge increasing electricity price volatility and by the financial opportunity that distributed assets represent. In an increasingly modernized power grid consumers of all sizes have been enabled to integrate diverse generation sources to manage their electricity use and participate in markets.
  • Power Generation
    Power generation portfolios in the United States and all around the globe are integrating a growing share of renewable energy sources as grid operators work to overcome reliability and flexibility challenges. As a result, increasing demand for cost-competitive dispatchable power has emerged with the added constraints of aligning with climate change and air pollution reduction goals.

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